you send me off on little day dreams REAL LOVE agape…to the highest degree sophisticated detailed plots …plans and schemes 2 man team lovely visions of how our story is written might i… Continue reading

Mirrors 5:30 To The Love Of My Life

To the love of my life: No matter the miles I still think of you day and night Even though what you did to me really wasn’t right Shit….I get it I know… Continue reading

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita, Oh.. Hey…. it’s you again invading my dreams Damn it’s only been a week Am I really dreaming just to see you lying next to me ? Play with my hair… Continue reading


Over Time Out of State Overseas On him I concentrate Grind hard Can you even relate Its  Complicated Basketball Games Was our destiny destine mixed with fate   U TURN You Turn Nws… Continue reading

Dear Reason – REMIX

Dear Reason, Lately you tend to cross my mind I just wanted to take some time To thank you for coming into my life It was you who finally really opened my eyes… Continue reading


I seen him and just had to have him his shine caught my eye and that’s when I realized it was only him I need right now in my life only days since… Continue reading


Come put it deep … sooo deep Inhale Exhale Grind on this beat Until thre is no space between You and me I think I like you But I know I love it… Continue reading

as soon as love had me blind

When Mary said “Im going down” I think I’m already there Sometimes I feel lost without him here Wondering how I carried on before he was here As I hear Our last conversation… Continue reading